How to Install and Configure Microsoft Forefront TMG 2010 – PART 01



Microsoft Forefront Threat Management Gateway (Forefront TMG), formerly known as Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration Server (ISA Server), is a network router, firewall, antivirus program, VPN server and web cache from Microsoft Corporation. It runs on Windows Server and works by inspecting all network traffic that passes through it. –wiki

Please note that

  • Active Directory is running on Windows server 2008 R2
  • Microsoft Forefront TMG 2010 is installed on Windows server 2008 R2


Microsoft Proxy Server —-> ISA Server 2000 —-> ISA Server 2004 —-> ISA Server 2006 —-> ISA Server Appliance Edition —-> Microsoft Forefront TMG MBE —-> Microsoft Forefront TMG 2010


Firstly You have to install .NET Framework 3.5 or you will get an error


To Install .NET Framework 3.5 go to Server Manager and click Add Features


Select .NET Framework 3.5 Features


Do not forget to install Web server (IIS) and Windows Process Activation Service, first


Install Windows Process Activation Service


After installing Web server (IIS) and Windows Process Activation Service you can continue with .NET Framework 3.5 installation.


Run Preparation Tool

Preparation tool 1 TMG-2017-07-10-17-29-29

Preparation tool 2 TMG-2017-07-10-17-29-24

Launch Forefront TMG Installation Wizard

S2008 TMG 5.5-2017-08-01-20-33-32.png

Accept the terms in the License and Agreement

S2008 TMG 5.5-2017-08-01-20-36-10

Provide customer information

S2008 TMG 5.5-2017-08-01-20-36-31

Define Internal Network

In this case following IP range is given -

S2008 TMG 5.5-2017-08-01-20-36-48

S2008 TMG 5.5-2017-08-01-20-37-41

S2008 TMG 5.5-2017-08-01-20-37-57

S2008 TMG 5.5-2017-08-01-20-38-04

Install the program

S2008 TMG 5.5-2017-08-01-20-38-14

Finish installation

S2008 TMG 5.5-2017-08-01-21-50-46


Configure Network Settings

S2008 TMG 5.5-2017-08-01-21-54-55

S2008 TMG 5.5-2017-08-01-22-00-18

In this scenario Edge Firewall is selected

S2008 TMG 5.5-2017-08-01-22-04-40

Configure LAN adapter settings

S2008 TMG 5.5-2017-08-01-22-38-52

Configure Internet adapter settings

S2008 TMG 5.5-2017-08-01-22-39-09

S2008 TMG 5.5-2017-08-01-22-40-01

Finish network setup wizard

S2008 TMG 5.5-2017-08-01-22-40-06


Configure the system settings

S2008 TMG 5.5-2017-08-01-22-54-34

Configure of the host computer

S2008 TMG 5.5-2017-08-01-22-55-32


Define deployment Option

S2008 TMG 5.5-2017-08-01-22-55-46

Microsoft Update Setup

S2008 TMG 5.5-2017-08-01-22-59-42

S2008 TMG 5.5-2017-08-01-23-01-20

S2008 TMG 5.5-2017-08-01-23-01-48

Customer Feedback

S2008 TMG 5.5-2017-08-01-23-02-06

S2008 TMG 5.5-2017-08-01-23-02-17

Complete the deployment wizard

S2008 TMG 5.5-2017-08-01-23-02-23

Please refer How to Install and Configure Microsoft Forefront TMG 2010 – PART 02 to continue