How to Install Active Directory in Windows Server 2008


Please note that,

  • Static IP address is configured before AD installation in this guide
  • DNS server is installed with the AD


Open Server manager and select Roles

2008 AA AD [10]-2017-03-12-18-58-55

Select Add Roles

2008 AA AD [10]-2017-03-12-19-01-12


2008 AA AD [10]-2017-03-12-19-01-22

Tick Active Directory Domain Services and Press Add Required Features

2008 AA AD [10]-2017-03-12-19-20-16

2008 AA AD [10]-2017-03-12-19-20-28

Read and Press Next

2008 AA AD [10]-2017-03-12-19-20-36

Press Install to install .Net Framework

2008 AA AD [10]-2017-03-12-19-20-41

Press Close after the “Installation succeeded”

2008 AA AD [10]-2017-03-12-19-32-01.png

Go back to Server Manager and click Active Directory Server Manager to configure AD

2008 AA AD [10]-2017-03-12-19-44-26

Click Run the Active Directory Domain Services Installation Wizard (dcpromo.exe)

2008 AA AD [10]-2017-03-12-19-44-31

Installation wizard will start. Proceed with next

2008 AA AD [10]-2017-03-12-21-19-31

Read the information and move on

2008 AA AD [10]-2017-03-12-21-21-18

Choose Create a new domain in a new forest

2008 AA AD [10]-2017-03-12-21-21-25

Provied the appropriate Domain name

2008 AA AD [10]-2017-03-12-21-21-51

Choose oldest opeating system in your organization

2008 AA AD [10]-2017-03-12-21-37-07
Forest Functional Level
2008 AA AD [10]-2017-03-12-21-37-11
Domain Functional Level
Install DNS server if you dont have any. This will install DNS server on the same server where AD is installed

2008 AA AD [10]-2017-03-12-21-40-10

2008 AA AD [10]-2017-03-12-21-40-22

Provide Restore Mode password

2008 AA AD [10]-2017-03-12-21-40-32

2008 AA AD [10]-2017-03-12-21-40-37

Finish AD installation and restart

2008 AA AD [10]-2017-03-12-21-43-52

2008 AA AD [10]-2017-03-12-21-44-00

Congratualtions !! AD is installed on Windows Server 2008

2008 AA AD [10]-2017-03-12-22-50-01.png


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