Create Your First Web Application and Site Collection in SharePoint 2013

This guide is divided into three sections

  1. Create Host record In DNS
  2. Create web Application
  3. Create Site Collection

1. Create Host record In DNS

Go to DNS under Administrative Tools

  • Create a new Lookup zone for the URL
  • Create a new host for the URL
  • Ping the URL from the command prompt, to make sure it works

 2. Create web Application

Choose Application Management


Choose Manage Web Applications under Web Applications


Click on New in the ribbon


Wait a bit…


Enter the Details (Name of IIS website, Port, Host Header) … (Observe that the Path changes according to the details entered)


Existing application pool is selected in this scenario

Unique Database name is also given


Wait till the new web application is created….


Web Application is created…

SharePoint 2013 [10]-2016-12-13-09-57-21.png

SharePoint 2013 [10]-2016-12-13-10-30-05 - web application is created.png

3. Create a Site Collection

Central Administration — > create site selection


Make Sure the correct Web Application is selected


If not Choose the correct web Application


Choose Defined Managed Paths to create separate sites according to Departments, Divisions etc

EX : Departments (IT, Accounts, Marketing) , Divisions (UK, USA)


Provide appropriate data for the Title, URL and Primary Site collection administrator. (Secondary Site Collection Administrator is optional)


Wait till the new site collection is created



SharePoint 2013 [10]-2016-12-13-10-58-54.png



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