How to Install Active Directory in Windows Server 2016



Active Directory (AD) is a directory service that Microsoft developed for Windows domain networks. It is included in most Windows Server operating systems as a set of processes and services. A server running Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) is called a domain controller. It authenticates and authorizes all users and computers in a Windows domain type network. -Wiki

In this scenario

  • Static IP address should be given (
  • DNS is also installed along with AD DS


Firstly, you have to install Windows Server 2016.

Log in

2016 BB secondary-2017-09-01-19-58-53

Open Server Manager

2016 BB secondary-2017-09-01-20-00-41

Add roles and Features

2016 BB secondary-2017-09-01-20-06-43

Click Next to continue

2016 BB secondary-2017-09-01-20-07-09

Select Installation type (in this scenario role based is used)

2016 BB secondary-2017-09-01-20-07-13

DNS and AD DS server roles are selected (if you want, DNS can be installed separately)

2016 BB secondary-2017-09-01-20-07-43 Watermark

Default Features were kept as it is

2016 BB secondary-2017-09-01-20-07-50


2016 BB secondary-2017-09-01-20-07-55


2016 BB secondary-2017-09-01-20-08-03

Installation progress

2016 AA AD primary-2017-09-01-19-33-29

Close to finish installation

2016 AA AD primary-2017-09-01-19-36-49

Promote the Server to a domain controller

2016 AA AD primary-2017-09-01-19-37-13

Add a New Forest and provide the root domain name

2016 AA AD primary-2017-09-01-19-37-35

Choose the Desired forest and domain functional level and provide the DSRM password (Do not tick RODC in DC capabilities)

2016 AA AD primary-2017-09-01-19-38-37

Keep the default

2016 AA AD primary-2017-09-01-19-38-42

Default NetBIOS domain name is kept

2016 AA AD primary-2017-09-01-19-39-00

keep the default database locations

2016 AA AD primary-2017-09-01-19-39-17 - Watermark

Review Options

2016 AA AD primary-2017-09-01-19-39-20


2016 AA AD primary-2017-09-01-19-39-41

After installation, restart the system

2016 AA AD primary-2017-09-01-19-42-44

Login as the domain administrator

2016 AA AD primary-2017-09-01-19-58-00

Check installed AD DS

2016 AA AD primary-2017-09-01-20-05-50

Check installed DNS

2016 AA AD primary-2017-09-01-20-05-54


How to Configure Active Directory on Windows Server 2003


To configure Network Settings

Type ncpa.cpl  run command


Provide appropriate IP addresses of the server and DNS (Server itself can be the DNS server if you don’t have another operational DNS)


Install Active Directory

Type DCPromo  run command


click Next to proceed



Select Domain controller for a new domain


Select Domain in a new forest


Enter the DNS name for the new domain


Keep the default for the Domain NetBIOS name


Keep the default for the active directory database and log files destination folder


Keep the default for the SYSVOL folder destination


Keep the default for the DNS configuration


appropriate permission level is selected. In this case default is chosen.


Restore Mode password is given


Click Next for the summary interface (after reading of course)


Wait for a while….


click Finish


Restart the server


Congratulations.. Active Directory is Installed now !!

How to Install Active Directory in Windows Server 2012 R2

Please note that,

  • IP is configured statically
  • DNS server is installed with the AD


Click on “Add roles and features”

2012 AD-2017-06-03-01-26-15

click Next

2012 AD-2017-06-03-01-34-23

By default Role based or feature based installation option is selected. Press Next

2012 AD-2017-06-03-01-34-30

Select the appropriate Server and press Next.

2012 AD-2017-06-03-01-34-41

Select both Active Directory Domain Services and DNS server roles.

2012 AD-2017-06-03-01-35-03

Press Next

2012 AD-2017-06-03-01-35-15

Press Install to start the installation process.

2012 AD-2017-06-03-01-35-33

wait till the Installation finishes

2012 AD-2017-06-03-01-42-05

2012 AD-2017-06-03-01-44-29

Promote this server to a domain controller

2012 AD-2017-06-03-01-44-44

Add a new forest

2012 AD-2017-06-03-01-45-30

Provide the DSRM password

2012 AD-2017-06-03-01-46-05

In this case the default is selected

2012 AD-2017-06-03-01-46-17

NetBIOS name is given (default)

2012 AD-2017-06-03-01-46-35

keep the default

2012 AD-2017-06-03-01-46-47

review the options

2012 AD-2017-06-03-01-46-53


2012 AD-2017-06-03-01-47-19

After the installation server will be rebooted

2012 AD-2017-06-03-02-01-00.png



How to Install Active Directory in Windows Server 2008


Please note that,

  • Static IP address is configured before AD installation in this guide
  • DNS server is installed with the AD


Open Server manager and select Roles

2008 AA AD [10]-2017-03-12-18-58-55

Select Add Roles

2008 AA AD [10]-2017-03-12-19-01-12


2008 AA AD [10]-2017-03-12-19-01-22

Tick Active Directory Domain Services and Press Add Required Features

2008 AA AD [10]-2017-03-12-19-20-16

2008 AA AD [10]-2017-03-12-19-20-28

Read and Press Next

2008 AA AD [10]-2017-03-12-19-20-36

Press Install to install .Net Framework

2008 AA AD [10]-2017-03-12-19-20-41

Press Close after the “Installation succeeded”

2008 AA AD [10]-2017-03-12-19-32-01.png

Go back to Server Manager and click Active Directory Server Manager to configure AD

2008 AA AD [10]-2017-03-12-19-44-26

Click Run the Active Directory Domain Services Installation Wizard (dcpromo.exe)

2008 AA AD [10]-2017-03-12-19-44-31

Installation wizard will start. Proceed with next

2008 AA AD [10]-2017-03-12-21-19-31

Read the information and move on

2008 AA AD [10]-2017-03-12-21-21-18

Choose Create a new domain in a new forest

2008 AA AD [10]-2017-03-12-21-21-25

Provied the appropriate Domain name

2008 AA AD [10]-2017-03-12-21-21-51

Choose oldest opeating system in your organization

2008 AA AD [10]-2017-03-12-21-37-07
Forest Functional Level
2008 AA AD [10]-2017-03-12-21-37-11
Domain Functional Level
Install DNS server if you dont have any. This will install DNS server on the same server where AD is installed

2008 AA AD [10]-2017-03-12-21-40-10

2008 AA AD [10]-2017-03-12-21-40-22

Provide Restore Mode password

2008 AA AD [10]-2017-03-12-21-40-32

2008 AA AD [10]-2017-03-12-21-40-37

Finish AD installation and restart

2008 AA AD [10]-2017-03-12-21-43-52

2008 AA AD [10]-2017-03-12-21-44-00

Congratualtions !! AD is installed on Windows Server 2008

2008 AA AD [10]-2017-03-12-22-50-01.png