How to Install VMware ESXi 6.5


In this tutorial ESXi 6.5 server is installed

Firstly download the iso file and boot from the CD/DVD to install ESXi 6.5 hypervisor


Click enter key to proceed

VMware ESXi 6.5-2017-08-18-08-03-38

Accept the End User Agreement

VMware ESXi 6.5-2017-08-18-08-03-44

Select a disk to install VMware ESXi 6.5


VMware ESXi 6.5-2017-08-18-08-04-31

Select keyboard layout

VMware ESXi 6.5-2017-08-18-08-04-40

Provide a password for root (local account with all privileges)

VMware ESXi 6.5-2017-08-18-08-04-54

Install VMware ESXI 6.5

VMware ESXi 6.5-2017-08-18-08-05-10

VMware ESXi 6.5-2017-08-18-08-05-29

Remove the installation media before rebooting

VMware ESXi 6.5-2017-08-18-09-15-13

After rebooting press F11 to enter the password for root



VMware ESXi 6.5-2017-08-18-09-27-25


Connect using following links from the ESXI web client



2012 ad-2017-08-18-10-09-45





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