How to configure Group Policy in Windows Server 2003


First create Organizational Units in Active Directory Users and computers

Server 2003 AD-2017-02-01-07-44-10.png

Right Click the OU and select properties

Server 2003 AD-2017-02-01-07-44-54.png

Go to group policy tab and click new

Server 2003 AD-2017-02-01-07-45-37.png

Provide appropriate Name and Select Edit

Server 2003 AD-2017-02-01-07-48-01.png

Select a Policy (In this case minimum password age policy is selected. This security setting determines the period of time (in days) that a password must be used before the user can change it.)

Server 2003 AD-2017-02-01-07-52-24.png

2 days were given

Server 2003 AD-2017-02-01-08-06-46.png


Use dcgpofix tool to revert to the default state



Troubleshooting on targeted computer

Gpresult : This tool can only be run locally on the target computer, but it provides information about the Resultant Set of Policies (RSoP), blocked GPOs, permissions on GPOs, and much more. Using the command with the /v switch will show a great deal of information about the GPOs that are affecting the computer and about user accounts associated with the current logon session. [Derek Melber, Windows Administration, Your Guide to Group Policy Troubleshooting,