How to run a Virtual Server in AWS – Windows Instance


Please note that,

  • This Guide is all about Launching and connecting to a Windows instance
  • Only free tier eligible products are tried in this tutorial.

Go to amazon EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud) console at and select Launch Instance

01 EC2 Management Console -.png

Choose OS, Microsoft Windows Server 2016 Base – ami-4e037421

02 EC2 Management Console - os selection.png

Choose an Instance Type

03 EC2 Management Console - instance type.png

Select review and launch

04 EC2 Management Console - review and launch.png

Edit Security group and Launch


2 security group.png

After launching you are prompted to create or use existing key pair. In this scenario new key pair is created and downloaded.

DO NOT Proceed without a key pair which will prevent you from connecting to the created instance

05 EC2 Management Console - key pair.png

Close the confirmation page by choosing view instances… wait for the state changes to running.. then select connect

06 EC2 Management Console - instances.png

Get password

3 connect.png

Choose Browse to navigate the previously saved private key file… and Decrypt Password

4 password.png

Download Remote Desktop File and choose close..

Remember the Default administrator password which will be needed to connect to the instance


open saved .rdp file.. Choose connect

6 open rdp.png

Enter the previously saved password

7 rdp pass.png

Congratulations !! You are connected to the newly created Windows Instance

8 rdp connected.png


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