How to Install Active Directory in Windows Server 2012 R2

Please note that,

  • IP is configured statically
  • DNS server is installed with the AD


Click on “Add roles and features”

2012 AD-2017-06-03-01-26-15

click Next

2012 AD-2017-06-03-01-34-23

By default Role based or feature based installation option is selected. Press Next

2012 AD-2017-06-03-01-34-30

Select the appropriate Server and press Next.

2012 AD-2017-06-03-01-34-41

Select both Active Directory Domain Services and DNS server roles.

2012 AD-2017-06-03-01-35-03

Press Next

2012 AD-2017-06-03-01-35-15

Press Install to start the installation process.

2012 AD-2017-06-03-01-35-33

wait till the Installation finishes

2012 AD-2017-06-03-01-42-05

2012 AD-2017-06-03-01-44-29

Promote this server to a domain controller

2012 AD-2017-06-03-01-44-44

Add a new forest

2012 AD-2017-06-03-01-45-30

Provide the DSRM password

2012 AD-2017-06-03-01-46-05

In this case the default is selected

2012 AD-2017-06-03-01-46-17

NetBIOS name is given (default)

2012 AD-2017-06-03-01-46-35

keep the default

2012 AD-2017-06-03-01-46-47

review the options

2012 AD-2017-06-03-01-46-53


2012 AD-2017-06-03-01-47-19

After the installation server will be rebooted

2012 AD-2017-06-03-02-01-00.png




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