How To Install Citrix XenCenter 7.1.0


XenCenter is the management GUI for XenServers that runs on Windows. This is the front end that lets users configure new virtual machines and enables full virtual machine installation, configuration, administration, and lifecycle management.


click Next in the Citrix XenCenter Setup Wizard

watermarked windows-7-x64-ulti-client-2017-04-29-19-42-23


Select the Features/ locations/ install for all users

watermarked windows-7-x64-ulti-client-2017-04-29-19-43-36

Windows 7 x64 ulti client-2017-04-29-19-43-36

Start Installing

Windows 7 x64 ulti client-2017-04-29-19-43-47

Press Finish and end the installation process

Windows 7 x64 ulti client-2017-04-29-19-46-03

Open Citrix XenCenter

Windows 7 x64 ulti client-2017-04-29-19-47-48

Windows 7 x64 ulti client-2017-04-29-19-47-56

Windows 7 x64 ulti client-2017-05-10-17-26-25