How to Install NethServer Bandwidth Management using ntopng



Select Bandwidth Monitor from Software Center

Watermark Windows 7 x64 xxx [17]-2017-04-19-04-07-36.png


Apply Changes

Windows 7 x64 xxx [17]-2017-04-19-04-09-11.png

Let it Install

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Enable Ntopng

Windows 7 x64 xxx [17]-2017-04-19-09-00-08.png

Select the appropriate option from the menu

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Windows 7 x64 xxx [17]-2017-04-19-13-34-57.png

Operating system

Windows 7 x64 xxx [17]-2017-04-19-13-38-12.png

Or you can choose the appropriate interface

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How to Install NethServer




What is NethServer?

NethServer is an operating system for Linux enthusiasts, designed for small offices and medium enterprises.

Available Features

Watermark NethServerorg_learn-more - features.pngPrerequisites

  • 64 bit CPU
  • 1 GB RAM
  • 8 GB free disk space

In this tutorial NethServer 6.8 is installed.


Download link

Boot the downloaded ISO image from CD/DVD/USB

Choose NethServer interactive install

Watermark  NethServer-2017-04-17-09-28-22.png



Choose the correct LAN, MAC address


Give an appropriate IP address (EX-




Use following credentials

Default username : root
Root password : Nethesis,1234



You can change the root password with following commands in command line or wait and do that in the Server Manager.

passwd root

New password:
Retype new password:

To access NethServer’s Server-manager use the following address in the web browser (change the ip address accordingly)

Watermark  Windows 7 x64 xxx [17]-2017-04-18-02-14-22.png

Windows 7 x64 xxx [17]-2017-04-18-02-15-24.png

Change the root password

Windows 7 x64 xxx [17]-2017-04-18-02-17-54.png

Change the Hostname and the domain name

Windows 7 x64 xxx [17]-2017-04-18-02-19-23.png

Time Zone

Windows 7 x64 xxx [17]-2017-04-18-02-20-45.png

Change the SSH TCP port number or keep the defaults. Changing is recommended because of security reasons.

Windows 7 x64 xxx [17]-2017-04-18-02-20-54.png

Usage statistics will be sent to by default. Select “No Thanks” if you don’t like the option.

Windows 7 x64 xxx [17]-2017-04-18-02-21-03.png

Apply the changes.

Windows 7 x64 xxx [17]-2017-04-18-02-21-09.png

make sure you update using following command

yum update



How to Install NethServer Web Proxy



Select and Install Web Proxy from administration –> Software Center

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Select Gateway –> Web Proxy

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Supports Four modes

  • Manual: all clients must be configured manually
  • Authenticated users must enter a user name and password in order to navigate
  • Transparent: all clients are automatically forced to use the proxy for HTTP connections
  • Transparent SSL: all clients are automatically forced to use the proxy for HTTP and HTTPS connections

Windows 7 x64 xxx [17]-2017-04-19-09-56-21.png

Configure cache settings too

Windows 7 x64 xxx [17]-2017-04-19-13-10-07.png

Configure the proxy settings in Client Computers. (Proxy server’s listening port is 3128)

Internet Explorer

Tools –> Internet Options –> Connections –> LAN Settings

Watermark Windows XP Pro client [77]-2017-04-19-09-36-38.png


Tools –> Options –> Advanced –> Network –> Settings

Windows XP Pro client [77]-2017-04-19-13-05-06.png


If you want you can Install nethserver-lightsquid package to generate web proxy stats.