How to Reset a FortiGate Firewall to Factory Default Settings


How to Reset Fortigate Firewall
Credits: GoPro

Please note that the device used in this tutorial is not connected to any production environment.

Firstly connect the cables properly. Refer this video

Cables used to connect to the console port and PC



Find the COM port first (this is the device manager in Win8.1)

In my case, I had to install the drivers for usb2.0-ser. [Download Drivers at:]

1 COM port in device manager

Connect using PuTTY

[Download PuTTY at: ]

2 putty com3 port

Press Enter

3 terminal

If needed reboot the device (sometimes needed). Just give a power reset

4 after reboot

Enter maintainer as the username. For the password bcpb + the serial number of the firewall (letters of the serial number are in UPPERCASE format)

6 enter maintainer and password

enter exec factoryreset and press Y

7 reset or not

8 reseting

CONGRATULATIONS…!!  FortiGate Firewall is restored to the factory defaults configurations. Now you can login through preferred medium. In this case web browser is used.

Use following ip address to connect



Name: admin
password: (keep blank)


forti login screen

Welcome to Fortinet interface


What do you possess?

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Please don’t be shy to contribute and be part of this wonderful journey. Remember always the adage “knowledge is ammunition”.


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