How To Install and Configure Squid Proxy on Windows



Download Squid


To rename files, Go to



Windows 7 CCproxy SCCM-2017-08-29-22-16-17

Rename the files to


Windows 7 CCproxy SCCM-2017-08-29-22-17-40.png


Open Command Prompt

CD C:\squid\sbin

squid -i

Windows 7 CCproxy SCCM-2017-08-29-22-21-50.png

squid -z

proxy cache web pages will be stored here

Windows 7 CCproxy SCCM-2017-08-29-22-23-50  squid -z.png


Start Squid service

Go to services and start the service

Windows 7 CCproxy SCCM-2017-08-29-22-26-49.png

Check in The task manager whether the service is running or not

Windows 7 CCproxy SCCM-2017-08-29-22-28-11.png


Make sure Squid proxy server is working or not

Configure Internet Explorer proxy settings in local host

Address : localhost 
Port: 3128

Windows 7 CCproxy SCCM-2017-08-29-22-31-51.png

By default Squid denies access to internet

Windows 7 CCproxy SCCM-2017-08-29-22-32-26.png


Configure the Squid Proxy to Access the internet

Open squid.conf file at


search for

# And finally deny all other access to this proxy
http_access deny all

Change to

http_access allow all

Windows 7 CCproxy SCCM-2017-08-29-22-40-49.png


Search following to change Caching web pages size (default is 100mb)

# cache_dir ufs c:/squid/var/cache 100 16 256

Make the Changes (make sure to delete the #) (new size is 10 GB)

 cache_dir ufs c:/squid/var/cache 10000 16 256


Restart the service

Check whether you can Access the Internet

Windows 7 CCproxy SCCM-2017-08-29-22-46-47


Client configuration


Proxy server IP Address is given here (
Port is 3128

Windows XP SCCM []-2017-08-29-22-59-04.png




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