How to run a Virtual Server in AWS – Linux Instance

Please note that,

Only free tier eligible products are tried in this tutorial.
Make sure Java is already installed and enabled in your web browser to connect to the newly created instance.

Go to amazon EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud) console at and select Launch Instance

01 EC2 Management Console -.png

Choose the OS

02 EC2 Management Console - os selection.png

Choose an Instance Type

03 EC2 Management Console - instance type.png

Select review and launch

04 EC2 Management Console - review and launch.png

After launching you are prompted to create or use existing key pair. In this scenario new key pair is created and downloaded.

DO NOT Proceed without a key pair which will prevent you from connecting to the created instance

05 EC2 Management Console - key pair.png

Close the confirmation page by choosing view instances… wait for the state changes to running.. then select connect

06 EC2 Management Console - instances.png

Choose A Java SSH client directly from my browser (Java required). provide user name, previously saved private key name, Private key saved location. Then choose Laucn SSH Client

07 EC2 Management Console - connect.png

Confirm MindTerm settings to connect to the instance…

08 EC2 Management Console - mind.png



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